About Us

We take pride in the food we serve; how we prepare it and how we serve it. Because of the value we give to our food, our chicken barbecue has earned the reputation of being one of the best in town. Our chicken barbecue secured a spot in the hearts of the Davaoeños, however the dining experience that we can offer does not end there. We provide customers with an array of choices that is sure to entice their taste buds- from seafoods to meat, and a lot more.


We are proud to be a Filipino brand, and we carry with us the Filipino culture not just through our food but as well as our brand as a whole. Our first restaurant resembles the traditional Filipino nipa hut (“Payag”) that provides the aura of coming back home. Our restaurants continue to adapt to the modernization of today’s society, while maintaining the essence of Filipino culture.

After winning the hearts of our Mindanao market, we are set to conquer the Manila crowd, bringing with us the food and the service that we are known for. Part of what makes us different is our clap twice policy to call the waiter’s attention. Soon enough the Manila crowd will not only clap their hands for extra rice, but because of their dining satisfaction as well. Here in Penong’s, we live by our slogan: “Basta Barbecue, Penong’s Na!”